A soothing sweets café

brimming with green fragrance

Saryo Suisen

About Saryo Suisen

Experience the serenity and elegance of a tea room from the moment you step through the door.
Enjoy the hospitality of Kyoto in a calming Japanese space.
Authentic Japanese sweets made using an abundance of the finest Uji matcha and the atmosphere of the ancient capital are woven together to create a moment of delicious relaxation that only Saryo Suisen can provide.


Enjoy the noble green color, aroma, and taste that only carefully selected Uji matcha can offer.



Store Information

The unique spaciousness of a traditional tea house in the ancient capital of Kyoto and the modern capital of Tokyo.
We hope our comfortable furniture and warm lighting put any weariness at ease.
Wherever you may be, we are ready to serve you with Kyoto’s refined hospitality and help you forget the hustle and bustle of the city.